The Longing Workshop - Into The Meta
spiritual workshop, Saint-Lambert, Montreal, Judi Blum
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The Longing Workshop

Spiritual exploration on your own terms.


Is this workshop for me? 

  • Do I seek to replace feelings separation & incompleteness with connection & worthiness?
  • Do I experience a form of existential anxiety & seek to replace it with a deeper knowing?
  • Do I have a drive to evolve?
  • Do I hear myself asking: “Who am I?”, “Why are we here?”, and “What else is there?”
  • Am I seeking internal peace rather than depending on external things for happiness?


Perhaps you hear a loud “YES!” to some of these ideas while others do not speak to you at all.  This is why there are different paths available for all seekers. In The Longing workshop you will discover your spiritual styles which are aligned with your values.  Whatever our upcoming journey may look like, it often reflects the notion that there is dissatisfaction with the material side of life & a desire to move into something more fulfilling. 

The Longing Workshop Series offers an opportunity to:

  • Reflect upon your current relationship with Something Greater in order to create more meaning in Life
  • Contemplate the 3 Faces of Spirit/Source/God/Goddess/Love to experience how your spiritual experience can gain more flexibility & openness
  • Experience the embodiment of  Self & Spirit allowing for a tangible daily integration of your Path 
  • Welcome the creative flow into your spiritual process (art, music, poetry, gentle movement)
  • Build a community of spiritual support because the illusion that we are separate no longer serves our best intentions for ourselves (Meta Circles)



2021 Online Live Interactive Workshops


 The Longing is a 3-part series of 1-hour workshops with unlimited repeated attendance. 

After each part, you will receive a follow-up email with valuable resources.

Upon completion, you are invited to participate in our community circles, on donation basis.

This deep exploratory package is available for only $33 USD ($42CND).

Feel free to contact me to organize private group or corporate workshops.


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  • Jana Piest
    Posted at 18:00h, 01 November Reply

    Hi Judith,

    Where will the workshops take place? Will these be online or in person, and if the latter, where? Maybe I missed the info in the post, but couldn’t see it. Thank You!

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