The Stepping: Spiritual Life Map - Into The Meta
Montreal Spiritual Workshop, Judi Blum, Spiritual Doula
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The Stepping: Spiritual Life Map


The Stepping: Spiritual Life Map


Perhaps like many people, you recently have had a lot of time to ponder the stepping stones along your life path.

Join us for a one-hour(ish) live online workshop to create your spiritual ‘autobiography’.

This online experience is an opportunity to be intentional about weaving your spiritual evolution through your journey.

We will explore a gentle and simple way to look at how you give meaning to life.

We all have a unique and individualized spiritual lives.  The stimulating questions put forth are for all stages of development and growth.

No matter where you have been.

No matter where you are.

No matter where you are going.

Consider taking a look at the lens through which you see the world; that what gives it purpose, significance and value.

Join other curious folks for a glimpse into the power of transformation and your ability to tap into your own unique essence.

Private Workshop Registration (January 26, 2021)

Public workshops begin February 2021. 

Sign-up for our newsletter to be informed of upcoming dates and registration. 

Note:  Although the drawing below shows one particular path, this workshop has an inter-spiritual approach.  All is welcome here. 


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