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Inter-spirituality demonstrates that there is a common and deep shared experience at the core of all spiritual experience. This experience– of a deeper holistic spirituality, interconnectedness, unconditional love and non-separation– becomes the basis of “Truth”, not the mental concern about which religious narrative, story, interpretation, speculation, prophecy, practice, method, leader, Messiah etc. is ultimately “right”. This is “inter-spirituality” and is a great step into freedom.

Inter-spirituality acknowledges a shared maturing experience, generally known as “Awakening”. In “Awakening”, a human being loses the sense of separation and becomes aware, instead, of a profound interconnection and continuum in all things.

For Inter-spirituality, history is, in a sense,  irrelevant. Inter-spirituality’s “primary experience” is about what is “right here, right now” and this is why it is so profoundly connected to “Awakening”. Yet, because there is a manifest, 3-dimensional world, a history of “religions” and “points of view”, an important aspect of Inter-spirituality still involves the “healing” of these apparent differences through dialogue, sharing, and co-experiencing.

(adapted from Kurt Johnson)


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